Saturday, September 12, 2015

Almost There!

Well, I'm off! 

I am currently sitting in the Frankfurt airport during my 10 HOUR layover (ugh.), and could not be more excited. I have been here along with the five other NSLIY girls for about five hours, so we are half way done. 

I officially left for the start of NSLIY the 9th of September and flew to DC. There, we had a PDO (Pre-Departure Orientation) that lasted two days where we learned about Morocco, the program, safety tips, everything! I learned so much that I honestly couldn't think of one question by the end! 

The other NSLIY with are soooo amazing; I could not have asked for better travel buddies. From Frankfurt we fly to Casablanca (about a four hour flight), get our luggage and arrive at a hotel in Rabat at appx four in the morning (again, ugh). There we get about four hours of sleep as we have to be up at 11am that morning to go to school and again be introduced to the program, but this time in Morocco. After the "mini-orientation" we will sit down for some pastries and orange juice and meet our families!!! 

I am living in a Villa- which is pretty rare, most kids get apartments- along with my roomie from Brooklyn. There are five members of our host family...

Mother: Housewife
Father: Bazaar owner
Sister: 7yrs old
Brother: 3yrs old
Brother: 1yr old


I am currently sitting down on possible the most uncomfortable seat in the world, so I'm going to move and find something better/I really want to watch Netflix. 

I'll keep you all updated!

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