Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clothes... Hair... What Else?


Yup, they are back! I knew I said that I was going to only online shop, but I changed my mind. In the end, I only bought two pairs of pants online, and just went to the mall and Marshalls for the rest! I first went to Forever 21 where I mainly bought loose linen pants and a couple of shirts. Man do I love shopping. After about three hours of shopping, lugging the clothes around the store- resulting in a dead arm- I left happy as a clam. I love love love what I got, and think that it will be very cool (weather wise) and fashionable for Rabat! 

After Forever 21, mom and I got hungry so obvi we stopped at one of northern NJ's finest diners :), and after, headed to Marshalls *gospel sounds play as the heavens open*. 

Yes, I LOVE Marshalls. 

Like always, I found so many amazing things. I bought about six or seven tops, all of which are flowy, thin and designed with vibrant colors! Everything I need for the Middle East. 

Clothes: CHECK!
Toiletries: CHECK!
Luggage: CHECK
Random Goodies: CHECK!
Mindset: CHECK! 
Hair: ....... soon!

Yup, I'm changing my hair. It's already shoulder length which will be just fine for the heat, but I'm not just getting a trim, I'm changing the color. Currently I have dark roots, and about four inches down my head, it turns blonde. But get ready, because after Wednesday at 12pm I will officially be a "brunette". I put that in quotes because it pains me to get rid of my blonde. I love my blonde. We have the most fun! However, I don't want the unwated attention that I believe may come with my hair. I mean, nobody there is really blonde, so I don't think it could do any good. A blonde, blue eyed, white girl... I'd stick out like a sore thumb. 

But don't worry, I can never fully get rid of my blonde. I just can't do that to myself. I plan on dying my hair light brown with a blonde undertone. 

Boy oh boy I hope its cute. 

I was thinking something like this. The length is just right, and even though my hair is not naturally wavy like that, I think it will be just fine. 

Here is a before and after of my hair! As you can see, my hair on the left has a very distinct cut off between blonde and brown which I was just not feeling anymore. Now my new hair (on the right) is mostly brown, with a little blonde to it. My hair is naturally straight, the it was just curled in the salon. Also, I think my hair looks a little darker in person. 

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