Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A New Addition

It was at 3:18 p.m. on April 13th when I pronounced my- now former- laptop dead. Yes, I was very sad, almost cried actually. My computer really stuck with me throughout the years, especially after all the unintentional abuse I inflicted upon it. For example, when I studied at Georgetown University in DC last summer, the bed in my dorm was lifted to the highest level, probably four to five feet off the ground. If I wanted to get into bed, I would have to step on a table in order to prop myself up. One day I was laying down using my computer- watching Netflix of course- and as I reached for the trail mix that I was practically shoving in my mouth, my computer went flying off my lap and fell onto the floor. Yup. I just watched as my beloved computer fell five feet towards the ugly carpeted, hard floor. Luckily it still worked... barley though :/. Needless to say, a year later, it was time for a new addition into the 'Florise technology collection'.

Last Friday my mother and I went to Best Buy looking for a sturdy laptop that would survive... me, in Morocco. We didn't want anything too expensive because Georgetown provides me a laptop (or so I've been told), so really we were just looking for a computer that would Skype and type. Easy. After about thirty minutes of looking, and eventually deciding we needed help, I bought my new laptop!

It's an ASUS, easy to use and dependable (or at least that's what the IT guy told me. He could have just been saying that so I would buy it... and I did. So either he is true to his word or a good liar. Eh, what's done is done).

Anyway, as my departure date creeps up, I can't help but feel I will not be ready in time. In reality though, I'll be fine. I've bought most of the toiletries I need, have yet to buy the clothes (but that takes 2.5), and then all I have to do is pack. Easy(ish).

Meh, I'll just wing it and hope for the best :)!

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